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News Season tickets

May to November

Adults: € 27,00

Annual pass for pedestrians only

€ 47,00






small side dish salad 4,80 Large plate of salad 6,10 Soup of the day 3,70 Baden potato soup with added bacon and sausage 6,10 Vegetable stew with added sausage 6,10 Hungarian goulash stew 6,20 Homemade blood and liver sausage 6,90 Original Black Forest ham sandwich 7,50 Sausage salad with bread 7,10 Swiss sausage salad with bread 7,30 Lumberjack snack with bacon, blood sausage and liver sausage and brawn with bread 9,40 Cheese sandwich with pickle 5,80 Apple strudel with vanilla sauce 4,30 Fries with ketchup and mayo 4,20 Spaghetti with tomato sauce and grated cheese 7,10 Spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese 7,90 Hot smoked sausage with potato salad 5,50 Potato pancakes with applesauce 5,00 2 Wiener sausages with mustard and bread 4,00 2 Wiener sausages with potato salad 5,30 Breaded pork cutlet with french fries 9,60 Look for our delicious cakes at the counter, 3,10 - 3,50 per slice


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