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Since 2001 the Belchen cableway runs on electricity produced by the electricity provider EWS.

The EWS are the result of a citizens' initiative to actually accomplish something tangible: a clear phase-out of nuclear power, an active contribution to climate protection and the establishment of an ecological and decentralized energy supply. Therefore, we not only supply customers throughout Germany with electricity from 100% renewable energy targets, but actively promote new electricity generation in the hand of citizens  and strongly support saving energy. Unusual for a utility company - but good for the future.

Here are EWS's most current certificates:

Certified by EcoTopTen

EWS complies with the stringent environmental EcoTopTen criteria which guarantee that the electricity production in Europe actually does become more ecological and new, environmentally friendly power plants are established. Green power products, which are recommended by EcoTopTen may at most be 20 percent more expensive for all household sizes than the average price for conventional electricity. In fact, EWS power is competitively priced compared to offers by conventional electricity suppliers.

Certified by TÜV-Nord

Our power procurement follows stringent ecological criteria and is rigorously tested every year anew by TÜV Nord and certified: Our producers have no capital investments of nuclear operators or their subsidiaries, so that these do not earn money from the production of green electricity. Of course, our mix does not include electricity from nuclear, coal or oil power plant. In addition, the avoidance of CO2 emissions, the share of electricity from new plants, as well as the guaranteed emergence of new ecological power stations is certified.

Stiftung Warentest - February 2012

In a comparison of 19 nationwide green electricity tariffs by the Stiftung Warentest,  EWS's green electricity tariff was rated first class. In the category "Environmental Commitment" the EWS was awarded the highest mark: "very strong", the tariff conditions were rated "good". Overall, not one green electricity tariff outperformed the EMS tariff.

Ökotest - September 2013

As in previous tests, EWS power was also awarded top spot at the comparison of green electricity tariffs by the magazine Ökotest in September 2013. Both the review of the electricity tariff as well as the overall result of the EWS-stream received the top rating "very good". Apart from the power quality and the contract terms, any linking of the company with nuclear power plant operators was also checked.


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